HoloWave is a system of self-empowerment that operates at the level of consciousness, where everything is viewed as information and vibrational frequency. Our well-being – physical, emotional and mental – depends on the vibration of our whole interconnected system, as well as our relationship with the external world. HoloWave facilitates informational exchange on all levels of our being, thus enabling individuals and groups to experience a vibrational shift toward optimal health and harmony.

This system focuses on:

  • Shifting Subconscious Beliefs that hold you back
  • Unblocking Energy flow
  • Expanding your consciousness
  • Accessing healing power of your mind and body
  • Encouraging creative growth
  • Overall health and wellness

HoloWave is a result of Masha Levina’s journey to understand the principles of human health. She studied and practiced many health-related modalities. Eventually, the understanding of the primary role of consciousness in everything moved Masha to experiment with application of all her knowledge directly through the unified field of consciousness. At her Wellness Center in Milford, PA, Masha started to integrate and blend different modalities and techniques on the priority basis for the particular individual. The results were impressive. As Masha gained the confidence with this work she moved further to establish a healing system now called HoloWave.