Holowave Self-Empowerment System can be tought to anyone! Everyone has an ability to use consciousness technology.Masha teaches Holowave seminars on regular basis throughout the country.

This extraordinary technology is a powerful support for personal and planetary healing. Holowave is a vibrational key to unlocking your own gifts, to recognizing your true purpose, and to bringing your potential into action.

During these courses, the participants will learn:

  • How to drop into the heart and connect to the unified field of consciousness
  • Basic tools and technologies of Holowave
  • How to prioritize which tool or technology to use
  • How to access subconscious mind programming and shift subconscious beliefs
  • How to work with and navigate through the body’s organs, structures and systems
  • How to use hands to work with the body non-locally
  • How to cohere and reconfigure the space using hands